“The interior is beautiful, with the super fun mod-style decor and open space and they just have SO many choices. I love the vibe and decor in this place. The cafe is fresh and energetic while still throwing out a chill vibe.”

“I love when they whisk away your tea pot and top up the boiling water), and everything about the funky decor from the wallpaper to the light fixtures and the polka dotted tea pots…”

“Very cool atmosphere, and great staff.”

“…fireplaces, modern couches, and a sleek design throughout. Seriously. You’ve got to see this place. It’s gorgeous.”

“This place is absolutely beautiful on the inside. During my first visit yesterday, I couldn’t help but notice how much attention went into the little things with the decor. Wall paintings, couch cushions, even the layout of the tables and the types of bar stools that line the counter”

“I love the decor and ambiance in the new spot. Its fresh and bright and makes me want to hang out.”

“I think the design, layout and decor are great – very swank and a lot of fun.”

“Holy crap, Humani-T 2.0 is freaking beautiful and amazing. It takes everything that made the original café fantastic and strips away the hippie-esque decor and replaces it with some of the hippest interior design on the Halifax food scene.”

“I was impressed by how bright and colourful and patterend it was – great decor.”

“…can’t help but notice the eye dazzling colours and funky design bits, from the light fixtures, to the seats and the silver, velvety couch…”

“I wasn’t quite prepared for how amazing it would be. The space is modern, classy, cool and funky.”