Bellevue Cottage

Halifax heritage home gets a Late Georgian Period restoration


This house became a labour of love for me. The home had not been touched since the forties and in saying that had a 1920?s sears kitchen in it. Nothing worked. electrical, plumbing, heating all had to be replaced. windows were replaced and all plaster had to be refinished. We built a custom kitchen with an ode to the original building that worked well in the original space. The small space under the stairs became an obvious space for a small guest bath. The original mud room was cantilevered out to allow a main floor laundry room. The upstairs washroom was gutted and redesigned. The floors were refinished and stained a soft walnut colour which worked with the era of the home. The original fireplace was rejigged with an insert I had built at the Lunenburg foundry to allow it to meet todays code. I landscaped the entire yard around the old roses that grow over the cottage again with a salute to the past. It's a beautiful house and became our family home for over six years.




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