Grand Lake

A custom fireplace, faux finishes and bespoke copper range hood personalize this lakeside home


This fireplace was designed to replace a three-sided 70's style marble fireplace that was out of character with the heritage house and incongruent with the client's style. The mantel was made out of birch in a pseudo-craftsmen style; small rosettes were applied to the front and housed small antique marbles that the client's children found on the grounds. New window treatments and colour on the wall can change a room dramatically but not when the entire kitchen is made of white melamine. The clients had planned on changing the kitchen in several years but in the interim they wanted to know what they could do to warm up the whole area. The cabinetry was faux finished to look like wood. It is indistinguishable to the untrained eye. If done professionally, finishing can last for years. This room overlooks a beautiful lake. The clients wanted a space to relax, eat breakfast or play a game so the furnishings. Draperies were kept simple and elegant.




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