Hatch Productions

Melon designs Halifax broadcast post-production studio with dazzling interiors and a few surprises


LOBBY: The company logo is printed on plexiglass and mounted over a simple fluorescent light fixture. Mondrian-style minimalist cabinets hold countless digital masters of television commercials and corporate videos.?The six foot revolving door was made out of two doors found during site?demolition.?The door weighs 200 pounds, yet will swivel under the gentle push of a finger, due to precision installation and a custom designed ball-bearing system. CLIENT LOUNGE AND ALTERNATE WORKING SPACE: Egg shapes, cut out of 4X8 sheets of translucent plastic, were suspended at different heights using aircraft cable. Fluorescent lights placed above the plastic shapes enable the plastic shapes to have an ambient glow, which plays off the sharp, colourful pendant lights. VIDEO EDITING SUITE: Editors prefer subdued, ambient light. This cuts down on screen glare while allowing the prime focus to be the video monitor. The subdued lighting creates a comfortable and informal mood. SOUND EDITING SUITE: The pattern on the wall is comprised of foam pads that reduce ambient sound reverberation and improve sound quality within the suite. The client chairs have built in desks, a slide-out foot-stool and laptop shelf. SOUND RECORDING BOOTH: Certain Some jobs require function over form, a recording booth is one of those. Technical specs have to be exact in order for the room to work. Setting up a sound studio in an old brick building presented numerous challenges. WASHROOM: The hatch in the ceiling is carefully oriented to obscure the initial view of the installation until the person is seated and feeling quite vulnerable.




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