Impact Research

Melon designs stimulating and engaging interiors for leading qualitative research facility


Photos courtesy of John Sherlock

The reception area doubled as a waiting area for the participants. The wall became the transition and focal point for both areas. Cork, stainless, mirror and light boxes were used to create interest and an alternate light source. The furniture for the waiting area was designed and built on site. Versatile movable pieces were needed to provide for the many different activities going on. Interesting shapes, materials and colours were used to maintain the informal theme. The focus group area had to stimulate participants yet put them at ease. The traditional boardroom table gave way to separate seating and movable tables. The furniture had to be versatile as well as maintain the modern look of the space. By using organic shapes and lots of colour, and keeping it movable all the furniture can be used in any room, wherever the need arises.




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