Vernon House

Halifax kitchen design improves couple's cooking skills


Photos courtesy of Bob Young

I was told after a few weeks enjoying their new space that they were both better cooks now. That made me happier then anything I had ever head. This couple had a very narrow kitchen, the space was train like and unable to layout the space in a practical way. Everyone has a budget and building out was not in ours. So we came up with a plan, we bumped out a small baby window by 4 feet which gave us the perfect space to do a built in dining space and freeing up plenty of space to add an island. we knocked down a wall rearranged their living space an voila! A gorgeous custom kitchen to suit these amazing cooks plenty of space to entertain. We were also asked to redo the bathroom. we replaced the old tub with a custom walk in shower and a new custom vanity. The tile was so beautiful that it became the element we designed around.




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