Westgate House

Out with the old and in with the light


Right off the bat this was a fun job! The clients wanted a modern liveable space?.that was the only guidelines. The blank wall was an obvious place for a fireplace to we installed a gas insert qnd built around it. The floor to ceiling mantle seemed like a given with the height of the ceiling. New furniture and built in shelving finished off the space nicely. The floors were replaced throughout the entire house. The small dining room area had an old iron railing between the great room and the table. Clients needed a place to shove piles of stuff (I love when people are honest) so we did custom, built-ins with large drawers that did the trick. The guest w.c. was fitted out around the beautiful sink we found and ended up being a timeless pretty room. The living room and entrance were painted and new furniture and a new rail was added.




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