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Melon is based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. We work with clients throughout North America providing branding, logo design, website design, and messaging aimed at target markets around the world. We also provide commercial and residential interior space planning, design and construction.


Our clients span industry categories including Biotechnology, Medicine, Health & Beauty, Food & Beverage, Entertainment, Supercomputing, Business Services, Applied Physics, Fashion and the Performing Arts.

About Us

Whole watermelon, used to represent Melon Branding and Design.





25 yrs experience creating and building homes, stores, restaurants, cafes and offices for various clients throughout Canada.


Able to create residential and commercial spaces that function at peak efficiency and evoke powerful moods.


Vast knowledge of construction trades, codes & bylaws allows her to create spaces that stand the test of time as well as city inspectors.


Developed window display standards, merchandizing plans and displays for clients including Daniel Hechter, Fairweather and The Hudson Bay Company.


This experience lends insight and strength to retail store design, point-of-sale, merchandizing and applying retail store / brand standards at a national level.

28 years experience with advertising agencies and design firms in Halifax and Toronto. Past clients include Molson Canadian, McDonalds Restaurants, Aliant, Pepsi and Bank of Montreal.


30 national and international awards including:

Gold World Medal
New York Festivals

Outstanding Creativity Award
Chicago International Advertising Show

Award of Excellence
Television Bureau of Canada


Taught at NSCAD University Design Division and MSVU Public Relations Department.

Mentored over 70 students in the last 15 years through the Melon Mentor Program.

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We have hosted over 70 post-secondary students from around the world, including Canada, China, Colombia, Japan, Korea, Kuwait, Northern Ireland, Saudi Arabia, Spain and The United States. Sessions include NSCAD Practicums, NSCC Workterms and the Melon Mentor Program.

12 portraits of various Halifax-based intern students studying graphic design, logo design and branding.
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