Logo Design Process

A systematic, flexible approach to developing outstanding 

visual brand identities aligned with business goals.

Strategic Direction

We develop the Creative Strategy Document through meetings, discussions and collaboration. Topics include business goals, communication objectives, products and services, functional and non-functional brand characteristics, market reputation, industry category and much more. The document gives direction and purpose to the creative. It also serves as a measuring tool to ensure the creative product and deliverables meet business goals and objectives.

 Training & Workshops 

Customer Insights


This stage revolves around customers and stakeholders. We examine topics including demographics, psychographics, needs, wants, problems to be solved, current perceptions, influencers and barriers to desired behaviours.

Competitor & Market Analysis


We examine client competitors, looking at market positioning, brand promise, strengths and weaknesses, logo, font, colour scheme, website and other marketing materials. The resulting market snapshot allows us to determine norms and unclaimed ground.

Creative Exploration

30 - 40 logo concepts are shortlisted to 10 - 15. They are selected based on originality, strategic accuracy and market context. These sketches are refined and executed as vector art, honing executional style, the degree of abstraction and colour options. Fonts are explored by setting the brand name in up to 2,000 typefaces. We then explore imagery, image treatments and layout styles.

Logo Evaluation

Logos and wordmarks are arranged in a grid. Desired attributes from the strategy are colour coded and the symbols are ranked according to their ability to convey each attribute. The highest ranking symbols are considered the most effective.

Creative Execution

The selected logo and wordmark are then applied to the deliverables (business cards, letterhead etc). If requested, a brand manual is created. The manual covers typography, colours, layouts, image style, tone/manner and other brand considerations.


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