Summit House

When your client says "Oh my God. I just bought the ugliest house."


When you have been helping your client find a fixer upper and the first thing she says after signing the papers is ?oh my God!, I just bought the ugliest house!? you know you have your work cut out for you. In all fairness to the client and her daughter?.it wasn?t pretty, and it wasn?t huge. Like most people my client had a budget and the question was, can we stretch it enough to make this house work. With that in mind we decided to take the on usable attic space and make a master oasis. with three good size bedrooms on the second floor that would make this home more then work for a mum teenage daughter and two students. The downstairs are came together with a new larger front window and a slight adjustment to the front door area. Since this heralded a new start for the family we purchased some new furniture for the living room and added a shiplap wall. the kitchen was modified with two new pieces of cabinetry and new doors. We fixed up the outside and painted the old siding, the neighbours liked it so much we ended up painting the entire building.




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