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Branding Cosmeceutical Beverages

RA-D8 is a Cosmeceutical Beverage, designed to improve the health and appearance of skin. Active ingredients include Collagen, Lycored Lumenato, Sea Buckthorn and Vitamin C. The ingredients are synergistic, elevating benefits and efficiency through their interaction. Benefits include fuller, plumper skin with reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, the production & absorption of collagen, and increased hydration.

Melon combined the aesthetics of the cosmetic and beverage industries to evoke a sense of beauty, science, and nature.

RA/D8 is created by Catalyst Developments in Burnaby, British Columbia, a long-standing client of Melon.

Catalyst was established in 1999 by Ron Kendrick, a proven leader in beverage industry. Innovations include first beverage utilizing a nanotechnology delivery system, first shelf stable soluble fibre beverage, and first ready to drink beverage incorporating ribose to promote proformance.

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